I’ve been a lover of words and stories since I was first able to read so it was only natural that I would end up wanting to work in an industry that is full of creative opportunties to tell stories whether that is through visuals or words. After discovering a passion for filming and script writing at college I went on to study Media Production at Staffordshire University, one of the best universities around for up to date facilities, equipment and fabulous professionals.

From there I had short term jobs in the media industry before pursuing a dream of becoming a qualified teacher. And now with over eight years experience of teaching English, Media and Film production/studies and proofreading and copyediting qualifications I am putting it all into my own business, and enjoying every second of it. I get to read and write all day, every day. Now that might sound like a bore to some but to me it’s heaven and I get to help people along the way, which is the teacher side of me pouring out, I just can’t help it.

One of my biggest dreams was to write a book and as of this year I have managed to tick it off my list. I have written a children’s novel which is currently sitting with an agent as we speak and I am looking forward to developing the series and seeing them on the book shelves in the near future.

So if I’m not working I am running around after my two children, walking Watson my adorable pug, have my head stuck in a book or eyes glued to a film.