Here is a list of the services I provide, however if you do not see what you are looking for don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will see if I can accommodate your needs.


Have ideas but don’t know where to start or want help writing an informative piece for your business or newspaper then let the creative writer put your words on paper. I can be your ghost writer or just a helping hand to get you started. Drop us an email stating what you are in need of and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Rates start at £22.50-£25.50 per hour


In need of a freelance proofreader for your flyers, articles, manuscripts and other work, completed to a professional standard and with a positive attitude then please feel free to get in touch.

Rates start at £22.50 per hour


Deadline fast approaching, English not your first language or you just want to get ahead start on any corrections but find it too boring to do so or don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself then get in touch. I will gladly proofread your work and help in structuring your essay or dissertation if you are in need of the help. Whether it’s a medical dissertation or a historical essay analysing the farming methods of old, I will happily give it a thorough check through for spelling, grammar mistakes and editing notes on sentence structuring. Please note I will not offer any extra information that you can include or rewrite the work as it must be in your own words. I will only work with what you submit.

Proofreading £8 per 1000 words

Discounts available for re-submissions


Written a novel but feel too close to see any mistakes or wanting editing advice before you send it off to an agent, then send it over. After going through the same scary proccess myself with my first children’s novel I know how daunting it can be and how eager you are to get it right first time round. I can simply proofread your manuscripts for spelling and grammar mistakes or if you are after a more in-depth critique I will gladly include detailed editing notes for an additional cost.

Proofreading £8-10per 1000 words

Proofreading and Editing notes £11per 1000 words plus an additional hourly rate for notes at £20

Discounts available for re-submissions


In need of a fun and inspiring way to get the creative juices flowing then why not spend the day creating your own script, building characters, drawing storyboards and developing your story ready to perform and film at the end of the day.

Using my teaching skills and media expertise I plan and adapt the workshops around the topic and curriculum your pupils are currently working on ensuring the focus is on developing their creative senses and finding new ways to embed English and your chosen topic. The workshops are tailored around the pupils level and abilities and for all ages.

On first contact we will discuss your wants and needs for the workshop, then once the key points are established I shall email you a lesson plan to ensure that you are happy with the day’s activities and proceed with booking from there.

Seeing a story come to life can be magical for everyone and having the opportunity to help that story come to life makes it extra special. If you have any questions please do no hesitate to get in touch.

Workshops start at £100 per day


Never been a big talker and in need of some words or found the right words but don’t know the right way to put them together, then look no further. Standing in front of a crowd can be nerve wrecking whether you do it all the time or it’s your first time but it can be even more so if you are not confident in your words. I can guide you through the whole process from coming up with ideas, structuring your speech and editing it to a professional standard or I can just give you friendly advice on how to improve it and ensure you have your target audience hanging on every word.

Prices range according to the individual job. £10-£20 per hour.