Blank page fears, sloppy grammar, boring paragraphs or in need of a fresh pair of eyes are just some of the reasons why we look for help in a creative writing service. And if you’re reading this then you have reached a point where dotting all your I’s and crossing all those T’s is just not enough. If so, welcome and congratulations on taking the first step in making your creative piece first-class.

From essays and dissertations to full-blown manuscripts, or wedding speeches to classroom workshops I am here to offer friendly and supportive proofreading advice as well as thorough detailed editing notes on how you could improve your piece if you so need it. I am also available for fun, creative script writing and story telling workshops to get the imagination over flowing (See Services page for more details).

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If you are not in need of proofreading or editing perhaps you have a class full of budding creative writers (suitable for all ages and abilities), or you want to build on those English skills then a workshop may be more for you. I have over eight years experience of teaching a variety of ages in the subjects of English, Media and Film and can adapt the workshops to suit your curriculum and topics that are filled with fun and creative flair to get their imagination flowing. Get in touch if you would like to know more.


Live local? Then we can set up an informal appointment to discuss your creative piece and what you want out of the services. If not, don’t panic! All correspondence can be done through email, phone and post and all done with a confident smile and friendly approach, reassuring you that you’re in good hands. I believe in the personal approach to client relationships, whether it is short term or for the long journey ahead, you will always be greeted in the warmest way.

If you feel this is the right place for you, I look forward to hearing from you. If not, I wish you all the best on your creative writing journey.